Jurian Baas

I do research with interactive data visualizations, prototypes and products to find possible answers and solutions to complex problems.

I work in a multidisciplinary design team at the innovation office of the municipality of Amsterdam. I had the privilege to work on subjects like affordable housing, the energy transition and accessibility.

I have a background as a political scientist, web designer, copywriter and UX researcher. Before starting at the municipality, I was freelancing as a data consultant at a bit of a data consultancy, where I still do the occasional gig. Before that I was head of community at the VC-backed and acquired data visualisation startup Silk.co.

I like programming, reading, music, philosophy, and movies. You can email me at jurian at this domain.

Selection of recent work



  • Prototype to prove information on public transport can be personalized according to the needs of people with a motor disability. We did lots of user research and testing with fully functional prototypes.
  • The public transport company of Amsterdam (GVB) has implemented the functionality of Haltebuddy in their app as 'Haltehulp'! 🎉
  • We also made an observable notebook with interactive documentation that was used by the developers that implemented the feature in the GVB app.
Dashboard for unnamed client

Interconnected graphs and maps


  • This client had a large collection of complex, interconnected data. We made a bespoke dashboard with connected maps and charts to prove valuable insight into the data.
  • Used Svelte, D3 and Tailwind together for the first time, can recommend!

Project tool for home owners


  • Organizational tool for home owners that would like to sustainably renovate their homes with the home owners association.
  • Personalized information for different types of associations.
  • Remembers the steps you took and allows for notes.
  • Simple CMS with Airtable.
  • Active on the Nieuw Amsterdams Klimaat website, ready for version 2.

Neighborhood compost in Amsterdam

Hobby project

Social & Emotional Skills thumbnail

Social & Emotional Skills

The International Rescue Committee

  • Analysis and visualization of qualitative data gathered by the International Rescue Committee in the refugee camp Nyarugusu, in Tanzania.
  • Built a data pipeline with Python / Pandas to calculate ratios and percentages.
  • Made visualizations with D3.js and Billboard.js.
  • Made a presentation template in HMTL, CSS, and Python.

Interactive network graph


  • Network graph showing the average score between people in a certain date range.
  • Made with D3.js and Javascript.

Amsterdam trash information

Hobby project

  • Web app to find information about collection times for trash in Amsterdam.
  • Uses multiple open APIs from api.data.amsterdam.nl/api/.
  • Uses geolocation or a typeahead address finder.

Copyright gone wrong

Communia (via Kennisland)

  • Communia is a international organization that tracks EU decisions regarding copyright law. They score amendments on the Directive for Copyright in the Digital Single Market.
  • We visualized these scores with a Sankey built in D3.js.
  • The visualization can be configured and shared in the current configuration through URL parameters.

Huisartsen & MSZ inzichten

Vektis - Health care insurers information

  • Vektis provides business intelligence to the public health sector.
  • While working at Data Science Lab I helped Vektis to visualize their public findings with D3.js.

The Internet Health Report

The Mozilla Foundation

  • We took care of researching, collecting and cleaning all data for the first installment of Mozilla's annual Internet Health Report.
  • Presentation on Silk.co, passed over to design agency.

Amsterdam Migration

Amsterdam Museum - Proof of concept

  • Animation of the migration of people with a Wikipedia and born or died in Amsterdam.

Digital Skills Observatory

Mozilla + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Research consulting and analysis of interviews with new smartphone users in Kenia.
  • Cleaned interview data with Python / Pandas, Openrefine and Google Sheets.
  • Made presentations with Silk.co, visualizations can be seen in the report 'Stepping Into Digital Life'.